Take your climbing experience to the next level

Our incredible climbing technique classes and staff services allow you to push your skills further so whether you’re training for a climbing competition, learning how to belay or hold the ropes for a friend so you can both attempt more difficult climbs, or if you just need someone to hold the ropes for an hour, we have something for you.

For advanced lead belay training, please scroll to the bottom of the page for more info or click on the button below.

Learn to lead climb & belay!

Lead climbing uses more advanced climbing and belay techniques.

It begins with the ropes disconnected from all anchors. The lead climber is responsible for clipping the rope into anchors set along the wall while the lead belayer gives the rope slack to accommodate the proper anchoring.

Climbers must pass a test to lead climb or belay at any of our facilities.

The lead climbing lesson takes two (2) sessions.

We recommend a minimum of 6 months climbing experience plus the ability to climb 5.9 very comfortably before signing up for this course. It is also recommended that an even number of people be present for the class with a maximum of four per session.

Cost for each climber is $80 (does not include day use). Please contact our Gym Manager, Meg using the link below or email m.fleming@rockspotclimbing.com